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Favorite Indie Films?

7 Jul

Check out this article by Scott Macaulay in Filmmaker Magazine.  He has compiled a list of the most important and inspiring indie films for young filmmakers and audiences.

…Are today’s young audiences inspired by the current group of independent films? Do these films resonate with them on a deep enough level to inspire their devotion to — and investment in — the practice of making films outside of the studio system? If so, what are these films? Or, is an earlier generation of films and not the current one the ones that resonate most deeply with young viewers today?

1. A Woman Under the Influence
2. All the Real Girls
3. Buffalo 66
4. Chasing Amy
5. David Holtzman’s Diary
6. Do the Right Thing (Okay, a studio film, but it should be on this list…)
7. Down by Law
8. George Washington
9. Gummo
10. Happiness
11. Husbands
12. julien donkey-boy
13. Kids
14. Killer of Sheep
15. Minnie and Moskowitz
16. Stranger than Paradise

Tell us what you think.  Let us know in the comments which indie films turn your crank, ring your bell and make you dance in your seat. Old Joy? Breathless? How about Stardust Memories or My Own Private Idaho? I’m going with Stroszek, but I have a soft spot for crazy ol’ Werner Herzog.


OU FVS Alum Mark Potts takes home Grand Jury Award at deadCenter Film Fest

17 Jun

The FVS program would like to congratulate FVS alum Mark Potts for winning the Grand Jury Award at the deadCenter Film Festival in OKC last weekend for his film, Simmons on Vinyl. You can read the article in the Norman Transcript  here.  Mr. Potts graduated  from the FVS program in 2008 and has been a  Graduate Teaching Assistant for FVS while working on a masters degree in the Gaylord College of Journalism.  You can read more about Simons on Vinyl and other works at his website: