FVS Summer 2011

18 Feb

It’s not too early to think about your summer plans.  It seems like only last week that we were buried under two feet of snow but those lazy days of 95° temps, porch sitting and Frisbee tossing are just around the bend.  We are offering a host of courses for your summer learning.  Why not take a course or two and knock out some of those required hours?

The OU summer schedule has been revised and improved.  There are now six different “blocks” of summer semesters. We will be offering courses in four of those blocks — A, B, C and F.

Block A: May 16 – June 10

Single-Camera Video Production with Eric Zeaman, Intro to Film with Al LaValley and Cinema and Architecture with Khosrow Bozorgi

Block B: June 13 – July 8

Structure and Aesthetics of the Short Film with Eric Zeaman

Block C: July 12 – August 5

Acting for the Camera with Darryl Cox and American Independent Film with Al LaValley

Block F: May 16 – July 8

Writing About Film with Betty Robbins (ONLINE)

Click on each poster to embiggen.


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