Structure and Aesthetics of the Short Film — FVS 3810 (Class Canceled)

24 Jun

FVS still has a few seats open for the summer session of FVS 3810.009 — Structure and Aesthetics of the Short Film. The Class will run July 6 — August 2 and will be held Monday through Thursday 9am to noon. The instructor, Mr. Eric Zeaman gave us this blurb:

The purpose of the course is to help short film directors to think in terms of visual storytelling.  We will also discuss the short film structure, what defines a good short film, the do’s and don’ts of short filmmaking, and mainly how to tell a story without dialogue.  You will also learn the avenues to market and sell your short film and the exhibitions and distribution opportunities that technology has created for us.

Jean-Luc Godard once said, “A tracking shot is a moral statement”. By this I take him to mean that everything you do with the camera has a point to it, a meaning, that either helps to advance the story or doesnʼt, and that a director ought to be aware of the effects of the choices he or she makes.

In this class you will be required to write, shoot, and edit a 5 minute or less non-sync (MOS) sound film.  You will learn all the steps necessary to make a successful short and understand the important issues in pre-production, production, and post-production.  You will be required to coordinate casting for your short film projects.  A lot of extra out of class time will be required on your part if you want to seriously learn something from this course.

So, FVS students, fire up that computer and head to oZone and enroll!

ETA:  Unfortunately, this course has been canceled for summer 2010, although we hope to offer it again in some future semester.  For more information, please contact the FVS office at 325-3020.


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