FVS 3833 Global Horror Films

17 Jun

FVS is proud to offer two brand-spanking-new courses for your fall 2010 Knowledge Extravaganza:  3833 Global Horror Films* and  FVS 3843  American Independent Cinema of the ‘80s and ‘90s . Dr. Meheli Sen  describes the Global Horror Films course thusly:

“Often derided by critics for relying on questionable aesthetics and tasteless sensationalism, the horror genre continues to inspire animated debates. Students will study horror films from the United States, Japan, Germany, India, South Korea, Italy, and Mexico, including films from celebrated filmmakers such as Mizoguchi Kenji, Dario Argento and India’s Ramsay brothers.  In addition, the course will explore the roots of the genre in regional myths, folklore, rituals and traditions, as well as the conundrum of how the horror genre works in each national/cultural context and yet still resonates with international audiences.”

Wow! What an incredible course, don’t you think? Do you know what else I’m thinking?  I’m thinking you should enroll in this class.

We’re still waiting for some more info on the American Independent Cinema of the ‘80s and ‘90s course, but you can bet it’s going to be just as fantastic.

* FVS cannot guarantee that you will be able to sleep soundly after taking this course. You may want to invest in a blankie.


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